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If you're looking for a powerful, reliable text editor, look no further.

UltraEdit text editor tourUltraEdit is more than a text editor. While perfection in text editing is our goal, UltraEdit comes standard with an impressive feature set including a powerful search and replace engine, search/replace in files, syntax highlighting, code folding, Unicode support, a configurable spell checker for many languages, FTP/SFTP browser, SSH/Telnet console, workspace organization window, integrated scripting (based on javascript), a powerful macro engine, HTML building tools, column/block mode editing, templates, and so much more.

UltraEdit is the optimal solution for quick editing on the fly, or multiple large resource files at once. And with our world-renowned support staff on hand to quickly answer your support requests, you're sure to find a fast and easy solution for every task.

Customize: syntax highlighting, custom tools, menus, icons, and more...

UltraEdit is a highly configurable, flexible, and customizable editor. Whether you're making the migration to UltraEdit, or just beginning to edit text files, you can customize the look and feel of the application to suit your needs. Customize everything from the editor colors, toolbars, menus, 键映射, custom bitmap icons, user tools, and more.

The screenshot below shows UltraEdit as a Notepad replacement basic text editor. UltraEdit can be used in basic mode, which allows you to work in a simple editor interface without sacrificing any of the editor's power, features, or configurability.

UltraEdit notepad replacement basic screenshot

Syntax highlighting allows you to visually sort your code by highlighting related parts of the source code as different colors. For instance, if you're editing HTML files, you may want all <h> (heading) tags to highlight a certain color, while your <meta> tags will highlight differently. This is all defined in the wordfile - a collection of language-specific keywords from where UltraEdit draws its syntax highlighting. UltraEdit includes syntax highlighting support for as many as 20 highlighting languages at once, but there are wordfiles for almost any coding language available for download from our site, which may be added to your main wordfile.txt. You can also build your own build your own wordfile for syntax highlighting.

UltraEdit is a highly flexible text editor

The wordfile also includes regular expression strings used to match functions within your source code. These are then populated in the function list, which is a convenient way to quickly see and jump to the functions in your C/C++, Perl, PHP, HTML, Java, javascript, Visual Basic, or other files. Like nearly everything else in UltraEdit, function strings may be modified to suit your text editing needs.

Beyond this, the wordfile includes code folding strings so you can collapse, or "fold", related pieces of source code. Special handling is also provided for comments, brace matching, and background colors, and the autocorrection of source code keywords will automatically correct your keywords as you type, ensuring tidy and consistent text files.

Finally, many of our users find user-created tools to be invaluable. A user tool provides a bridge between a DOS command line and the text file you're editing. This may seem simple, but the possibilities provided by this functionality are almost limitless. User tools allow you to:

  • Run a compiler on your current text file
  • Add the open text file to a zip archive
  • Build a SQR, Perl, or other process then run it
  • look up a highlighted word on Dictionary.com, Wikipedia, or almost any database-driven website
  • Check your HTML and CSS across Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, or any browser
  • and much, much more!

Literally, anything that can be run from the command line can be run from within UltraEdit with special interaction with your text files. Output from your tool can then be captured and used within the editor!

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Worry-free editing: Secure your code changes and version your backups.

UltraEdit provides worry-free editing with the ability to automate backups. Simply set a few options in UltraEdit's advanced configuration, click "OK", and never again worry about losing thousands of lines of HTML, PHP, javascript, or other code due to a system hang or crash. Backup options are available for FTP/SFTP files as well.

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Automate nearly every editing task.

"...Thanks for providing such a wonderful program. The scripting function has allowed us to work better and not harder to achieve our goals. Instead of manually processing 4000 line reports, our lovely little script helps to pluck the data that we need out of the file..."
- Scott D.

Countless hours of manual text editing have been saved with UltraEdit's powerful scripting and macro engines. With macros, UltraEdit provides you with a way to record a simple or complex task and save it for later. Assign a hotkey to your macro to play it with the stroke of a key. Macros can be played over a single file or multiple files, and include the powerful ability to loop conditionally, or be played a specified number of times. Record and save as many macros as you need.

Edit text quickly using macros

Based on the powerful yet simple javascript language, UltraEdit's scripting engine provides you with an advanced interface for automating tasks on your text files. The scripting engine includes most of the powerful features of javascript, such as variables, arrays, loops, case/switch, math, and more. Write your scripts from within UltraEdit using syntax highlighting to quickly make changes using integrated debugging features to write to the output window to test your scripts. Combined with the power of UltraEdit's feature-rich interface, the synergy of UltraEdit and DOM-based scripting allows you to automate nearly ANY task.

Automate many text editing tasks using a powerful script

UltraEdit also includes a powerful sorting engine for sorting your data based on up to four different sort keys. Sort ascending or descending, numerically or alphabetically, or sort based on your locale and code page settings. Use the "remove duplicate" option to remove duplicate records from database or comma-delimited text files.

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Help is just an email away.

"I have to say that your customer support is as good as UltraEdit and UltraCompare are, and that is AWESOME!"
- Eddie M.
"...You guys have the level of customer support that other companies cannot even imagine. Relentless customer support...like I died and went to heaven!!!"
- Jim H.

UltraEdit Technical SupportWhen you purchase a license for an IDM software title, you are not only investing into a rapid development cycle based on the requests of users - you are also purchasing world-renowned technical support that hundreds rely upon daily to carry out their editing tasks. All technical support is handled through email, and nearly all requests receive a prompt answer (within 1 hour) during typical business hours (Eastern Standard Time). Need help writing a macro, composing a script, or getting your custom syntax highlighting wordfile to work correctly? Help is just an email away.

Additionally, our Quick Start Guide within the application, as well as our online power tips, are sure to provide cues to help you get things done faster and easier.

Corporate customers: Looking for priority support? Visit our corporate solutions page to take advantage of priority support with your license.

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Flexibly edit all kinds of files - Hex, Unicode, Large Files, and more.

"Out of all the hex editors around this seemed to be the only one that could actually cope with a 1.5Gb file, and still be useable. The others just *said* they could..."
- Paul B.
"UltraEdit...is like Google... UltraEdit is the Standard."
- Hugh B.

UltraEdit is not limited to simple text files. With support for hex editing, Unicode text files, and large text files, UltraEdit is the right tool for any editing job.

UltraEdit's powerful hex editor allows you to manipulate binary files, from regular EXEs to corrupted database files, or any other form of non-text file. UltraEdit's hex editor allows you to visually inspect and edit the raw and exact contents of a file as opposed to the interpretation of the same content that other software may associate with the file format...essentially, editing a file in hex mode will allow you to see and change the underlying character/byte values of a file.

Have you ever needed to patch a DLL or EXE, but don't have access to the pre-compiled source code? Open the file in UltraEdit, press CTRL + H to enter hex mode and edit the binary data (as long as you know what you need to change). Even nulls (00) can be edited with UltraEdit's hex editor.

Edit binary or hex data using UltraEdit's hex editor

UltraEdit supports Unicode files, allowing you to edit full UTF-8 or UTF-16 files, or ASCII files with escaped Unicode. If you have files with Asian, Arabic, or other characters, as long as you have a font that can display them, UltraEdit will display them as well. UltraEdit includes several configuration options for Unicode detection, handling, and conversion, as well as code page and locale settings for different localizations.

Edit Unicode text files with UltraEdit text editor

UltraEdit also has special handling for different file types - DOS, Unix, Mac, EBCDIC, and more. Easily convert your text files from one format to another using UltraEdit's file conversions menu. Although special support for file type detection and conversion is included, you can edit your text files in ANY format without needing to convert them.

"Oracle generated a 620M ASCII log file, we tried to open it with NotePad and WordPad, neither worked. Using the old DOS utility LIST.COM we could see the first 330,000 lines of the file. But good old reliable UltraEdit32 opened the file with no problem, we could see 13,000,000 lines of ASCII logs. You have a wonderful product."
- James H.

UltraEdit's large file handling is simply the best in the business. UltraEdit is a disk-based editor, meaning only small portions of the file are loaded at once into memory so the editor does not use all your system's memory and stop other applications from running. UltraEdit does use temporary files; simply set a file size threshold so UltraEdit uses temp files with smaller files - not larger ones, which could result in excessive memory usage. UltraEdit can open files in excess of 4 gigabytes... in fact, you're really only limited by your system's memory.

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Edit HTML, XML, PHP, javascript, and other web files with ease.

"Your website editing software is THE BEST THERE IS! I recently graduated from Intertest.com as a Web designer and Web tester. It is one of the best tech schools in the Seattle area and a mind-pool for Microsoft, and most of our students end up working there. They gave us your shareware to use for a limited time. The main reason was because we are using cutting edge hand code... no wysiwyg's! The teachers all have said that your editor is the best on the market, they were right! Your software is user friendly and W3C compliant for validating the XHTML, XML, JavaScript and CSS code that I use. No other software does this with such ease as yours, if at all!"
- Anthony D.

Are you looking for a powerful HTML editor, PHP editor, CSS editor, javascript editor, or other web editor? Need SSH/Telnet capability, or FTP/SFTP access to a remote web server? UltraEdit provides all of this and more as part of its text editing environment, making it an ideal HTML editor for beginning to advanced users.

The HTML toolbar makes your HTML file editing easy with many common HTML elements available at the click of a button. You can use the CSS style builder to quickly compose stylesheets. With integrated HTML Tidy support, you can check your HTML files and code for validity and consistency. UltraEdit's XMLlint tool can parse and output your unformatted XML, making it easy to read and edit.

UltraEdit is the ideal HTML editor

UltraEdit's FTP client provides support for connecting via FTP or SFTP to remote servers. Add and configure as many accounts as needed, then download your text files, edit them, and save them directly back to the server. Link your remote FTP directories to local projects, and sync local and remote files with a mere click of the mouse button. The dockable SSH/Telnet window provides access to remote server command lines with support for as many accounts as you need.

UltraEdit includes a built-in FTP/SFTP client
UltraEdit includes a dockable SSH/telnet console

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Easily organize and access local or FTP files with projects.

I use UltraEdit at work constantly. I'm currently working on a project with roughly 300 source files of mostly undocumented code. The combination of grep-like capability, syntax highlighting, column editing, diff capability, sorting capability - all in one tool have been, to a large degree, enabling in an impossible situation.
- David T.

UltraEdit includes powerful project support which allows you to efficiently organize, access, and track your files. A project is a virtual grouping of files that are part of a development project, website, or any files you'd like to keep separate from everything else. Perhaps you are developing and maintaining a dynamic website containing multiple PHP, HTML, CSS, and javascript files. A project will help to keep your files organized, available, and separate from other files on your system. Your project files can be quickly accessed from the "Project" tab in the File Tree View.

UltraEdit's powerful project support allows you to group files

Beyond just a local grouping of your files as a project, UltraEdit allows you to sync your project to remote server directory via (S)FTP as well! This way you can sync your local files with your server files to make sure you are editing the most recent version of your files on the server.

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Save time by comparing your files to track editing changes.

"I could fill a dozen pages of compliments on what an incredible program you have, but I'm sure you know by now. AND the compare program is ALSO very helpful... THANKS!!!
- Dale R.

Have you found yourself with two different versions of source code wondering which one is the most up to date? UltraEdit includes a very handy comparison utility and file diff tool called UltraCompare Lite to help you track differences and changes to your code. Clicking the "Compare Files" button allows you to specify two files for comparison! It's as simple as that.

Thinking of purchasing a license for UltraCompare Professional? UltraEdit detects whether you have UltraCompare Professional installed and seamlessly integrates with it to replace the Lite version.

UltraEdit includes UltraCompare Lite a free compare tool

UltraCompare Lite options

UltraCompare Lite is a free diff tool

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Format text data based on file extension and proofread your work.

"I really love this editor, I had struggled through several other editors before I came across this one. Each of the previous editors had some of the features I needed but not all. Ultra Edit combined all of these and gave in one package. It is really a great product."
- Kashif M.

Do you edit, publish, or use a text editor for technical writing? Are you tired of having to change file formatting such as tabstops and word wrap settings for each file you open? UltraEdit provides a solution for you. From now on, specify your word wrap settings and your tabstop settings by extension! For instance, you can configure UltraEdit to insert a soft wrap (no page break) at the edit window's edge for .txt files, then set UltraEdit to insert a hard wrap (carriage return) at a specified column number for all of your .csv files. This simple feature is a real time saver for anyone who works with multiple formatting configurations on a daily basis.

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Work in columns instead of rows.

"I have used ultraedit for 7-8 years in my computational chemistry research. The column mode alone is worth every penny."
- Melissa R.

Do you commonly work with CSV (comma-separated value) files, or files that include columnar data? Have you ever found yourself wanting to edit data in only one column, or sort a file based on a single column of data, as opposed to rows? All this and more is possible with UltraEdit's powerful column mode feature.

Sometimes referred to as block mode editing, column mode can be enabled by simply pressing ALT + C. Drag your cursor across the block/column of data you'd like to edit, and use any of the handy column mode featuers such as Insert/Fill Colums, Insert Number (where an incremented number may be inserted into the column starting at the current cursor position), or Convert to Fixed-Width. This is especially useful for garbled CSV files that are hard to read... simply convert the CSV data to fixed-width columns and remove the commas to view the file data in orderly and logical columns, much like you would see in Excel.

Column mode provides block text editing

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Logically view your source code for almost any programming language.

"I just recently started using UltraEdit after being a die-hard console mode editor user (qedit, fte) and now there's no way I'll ever go back. Every quirky thing I want to do in an editor from custom syntax highlighting and code complete, to column selection, quick record macros, etc, you've thought of it all!"
- Bryan M.

Do you code in SAS, Assembly languages, COBOL, Lisp, Oracle or MATLAB? We maintain a repository of nearly 500 wordfiles available at your disposal, including many obscure programming languages. From Actionscript to zMUD, you can find the language you need in our wordfile repository.

Furthermore, with the ability to write your own wordfiles for your own language (extensive help is in UltraEdit's help files), you can define your own highlighting and colors, functions, opening and closing fold strings and braces, file extensions, language keywords, indentation definitions, and more... making the possibilities for syntax highlighting endless.

The combination of UltraEdit's highly configurable syntax highlighting, brace matching, function strings, code folding, auto-correction and auto-indentation provides the interface to view your source code logically allowing you to visually sort separate parts of your applications or scripts. Multi-language highlighting allows you to highlight multiple source codes in a single file. For instance, your PHP files may contain PHP code as well as HTML, javascript, CSS, or more... all of these languages are highlighted separately within a single file! This is a great way to quickly browse through your source code.

Logically view and edit your source code

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"UltraEdit is the standard de facto for the text editing. I think it's value is beyond the price that it costs!"
- Bruno S.

What are you waiting for? Download a now and discover how the world's best text editor can work for you!


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